Privacy Policy

Gemius S.A. is aware of and dedicated to protecting the privacy of Internet users visiting web sites monitored by Gemius. This document contains the policies used by Gemius in order to protect Internet users' privacy and anonymity when conducting research.

Internet User Data Protection Policies

  1. Gemius S.A. does not collect any personal or personally-identifiable data about Internet users without that user's explicit permission. Name, gender, age, address, etc. all remain anonymous. Technical data is gathered only about the user's computer, but this only includes: operating system, browser type, screen resolution and geographic location on the basis of an IP address.
  2. Gemius S.A. does not integrate data gathered during research with any external databases containing personally-identifiable data.
  3. Research studies conducted by Gemius make use of the cookie technology. The cookie contains only a randomly generated set of characters. Thanks to the cookie mechanism it is possible to: identify the web browsers used by Internet users, differentiate first-time and returning visitors (cookies), group subsequent page views into a visit, rank operating systems etc. If you do not agree to identify traffic from your browser - click here.

Client Data Policies

  1. Gemius S.A. guarantees complete anonymity of all data gathered on behalf of our clients. Data gathered during the research process will not be shown - in either partial or complete form - to any third parties.
  2. Gemius S.A. does not influence results of any research study - neither at the raw-data level nor at the level of processed data.
  3. Gemius S.A. reserves the right to use data from the Client’s web sites in aggregate to describe the whole Internet. These reports are presented in aggregate and do not contain data concerning individual web sites. It is impossible to derive individual web sites’ data from such aggregated data sets.
  4. All the Client’s data provided during the registration or in contracts with Gemius S.A. will be kept confidential. These data will solely be used for:
  • Contacting clients as needed regarding the research service provided
  • Communicating crucial information about execution of the research
  • Correspondence relating to invoicing & payment

As an ethical market research agency, Gemius S.A. adheres to all codes of conduct as published by ESOMAR ( Gemius S.A. contacts people who have provided their e-mail addresses SOLELY FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES and SOLELY relating to their involvement in a given research project. Gemius S.A. DOES NOT SEND ANY MARKETING OR ADVERTISING MATERIAL TO INDIVIDUALS WHO PROVIDE THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION. All gathered data are used solely for the purposes of statistical analysis and Gemius S.A. guarantees that no e-mail addresses will be made available to any third parties.