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gemiusTraffic is Eastern Europe’s leading web analytics service. It is a research tool designed to analyze how Internet users use your web site.

gemiusTraffic provides companies of all sizes data on their web site's usage, helping them optimize their online marketing. gemiusTraffic helps to identify new potential clients and to determine what information potential clients seek most frequently. It helps to improve your business performance.

Currently, gemiusTraffic is the most popular site-centric research in Central & Eastern Europe. The gemiusTraffic platform monitors over 15 000 web sites across several countries, including all Polish, Lithuanian & Latvian horizontal portals, most niche-market vertical portals and many commercial and private web sites. Currently, gemiusTraffic monitors approximately 150 billion Page Views per month, which in peak translates into almost 120 000 Page Views per second.

When companies use gemiusTraffic, there is no need to purchase any additional equipment or software. To implement gemiusTraffic a company does not need the services of an IT specialist. All data is collected by Gemius and is constantly updated in real-time through the use of JavaScript codes pasted into the company's web site.

Results are presented in real-time through an easy-to-use web-based application. All the collected data belongs to you, which means that only you have access to them. Your competitors will never see your data.

We offer free demonstrations and free testing periods for the gemiusTraffic service in all markets where Gemius operates.

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The gemiusTraffic research study has been certified by IAB Poland in 2003.

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