gemiusUsability explained

A carefully considered structure of the web site, user-friendly information architecture, intuitive navigation – the idea of usability embraces all of these qualities.

A web site’s accessibility to all users, regardless of their situation, their physical limitations, their technical equipment or their software – these are all issues which come under the general heading of ‘web accessibility’.The gemiusUsability research provides reliable information on how convenient a given web site is for its Internet users. It allows you to immediately evaluate its usability and to identify the most important problems that occur when using the web site.

The gemiusUsability research consists of four modules, which can be ordered separately as needed:

  • gemiusUsabilityInspection – an instant evaluation of a web site’s usability, done by an expert.
  • gemiusUsabilityEvaluation – a precise review of a web site, done by a team of specialists. It allows you to identify the features of the web site which are decreasing its usability.
  • gemiusUsabilityTest – research which Internet users take part in. It allows you to learn more about the features of the web site which are decreasing its usability. Additionally, the research provides knowledge on how its users can use the web site in the most convenient way.
  • gemiusWebAccessibility – package offers web site owners the results of research carried out as an audit conducted by experts and provides reliable information about the web page’s limitations in terms of disabled users or those using less popular software.

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